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Savitransport, given the years of experience in the field of freight forwarding, guarantees a complete 360° logistics service, and our staff personally oversee all aspects linked to the management and flow of goods and services: warehousing, inventory, transport, client service and administration.

The complete administration of all the logistical requirements by a single party gives our clients a series of advantages, not least of all, allowing them to concentrate their own resources and energies on their core business activities. Savitransport uses innovative and highly efficient solutions with the objective of satisfying any type of transport request, by offering the best possible service in terms of both cost and quality. Savitransport analyses the clients’ request; bearing in mind any specific instructions and formulates diverse solutions that may range from complete warehouse management to assistance in resolving a particularly critical problem. Warehouse management is considered a fundamental part of the entire distribution chain. Savitransport’s staff, on behalf of our clients, will check on a daily basis the flow of goods, stock and process these transactions as well as shipping, receipt and stock reorders. Thanks to the use of integrated IT systems linked directly to the client, Savitransport is able to quickly identify the best solution to maximise our productivity and competitiveness of its clients.

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Vertical Markets

Food and Beverage

Savitransport is able to satisfy any shipping necessity for the Wine, Food and Beverage market. Thanks to insulated modes of transport and climate controlled warehouse, transport of goods that require a constant temperature are guaranteed.


Savitransport offers personalised solutions for each step of the supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry. Savitransport’s staff is prepared and experienced in the management and shipping of both pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


The experience matured and consolidated by Savitransport in the logistical management and distribution of fashion Made in Italy, has allowed the creation of many dedicated services both via air and via ocean. Savitransport is proud of it’s specific experience in the management of precious materials including those accompanied by CITES and / or Carnet ATA,

Oversize and out of gauge loads

Thanks to our experience in the transport of industrial machinery and energy plant systems, Savitransport is able to guarantee the management of special loads, out of gauge shipments, urgent transports as well as those shipments where the quantities exceed regular consolidation requirements.

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