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Savitransport offers regular connections to all the world’s most important destinations, relying on its own global network and guaranteeing punctual delivery of cargo. Savitransport is able to assist with any type of cargo shipment requirement to or from anywhere in the world, assuring you an unparalleled level of service.

Savitransport’s highly qualified operative teams are able to manage your requests, together with the most technologically advanced logistics systems. Our wealth of experience and know-how are your guarantee and attest our dedication to offering each and every client a personalised service, depending on their specific requirements. Each freight forwarding solution proposed aims to optimise costs and any critical issues connected with the shipment.


Savitransport offers airfreight services for all types of commodities, assistance for all the necessary documentation to comply with both bureaucratic and Customs requirements, with unparalleled levels of security.

Ocean freight

Savitransport operates from all major Italian ports and manages every aspect of the maritime transport chain, from loading to unloading, Customs clearance and distribution at final destination.


Savitransport uses advanced logistics systems to contribute and develop your company's growth, by using specific solutions to manage and optimise the flow of shipments.


Electronic Data Interchange. This system drastically reduces the exchange and dispersion of data between the various parties involved in the movement of freight, effectively creating a single point where all the information is shared.

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